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Announcing the Land and Expand newsletter

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New year, new projects.

There is no question that I fell out of the blogging habit in 2015. One post in the entire year is a pretty poor showing. Sorry about that. Ideas have however been percolating in the background.

One of the biggest challenges of working in the tech start up space is keeping up with the relentless flow of news and analysis. Knowledge is power after all. Over the years I have built up a database of the key RSS feeds in an attempt to keep my finger on the pulse. Emphasis on ‘attempt’, I still miss much more than I read. It occurred to me that I should be sharing that information to save you wasting your valuable time by repeating the same process all over again trying to hunt down the best news sources.

With this is mind I’m please to announce the launch of two projects under the umbrella name of ‘Land And Expand’. Consider this very much an experiment. The idea is to see how it performs, gather feedback and iterate. To provide a place to start I have deliberately kept the initial focus narrow – The London Tech scene.

The first is a hand curated newsletter of the weeks best London Tech stories. The idea is to signpost the essential reading for your weekend. Only 3 – 5 links each issue. Overloading you is not the goal. Issue one will be a slight cheat, including some stories over the holiday break which were just too good to miss. Issue one hits the streets on the 15th January. Sign up here.

The second is a Feed.ly channel grouping together some of the best sources of news coming out of London’s Tech scene, from which the newsletter has been curated. In other words, go here to drink from the firehouse on a daily basis if you so desire. You can find that channel here.

If that sounds of interest, jump on board by signing up to the newsletter list here and please share with friends and colleagues. Your feedback will make it better.

Let’s see if it catches on, if not I will file under nothing ventured, nothing gained 😉

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