10 Totally Awesome Internet of Things, er… Things

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An ice breaker presentation to open up the June 2013 Minbar meet up covering the Internet of Things. For more info on Minibar visit http://www.meetup.com/minibar/

My First Post On Medium

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About 6 years ago I was in a good but unrewarding corporate job running a product development team inside O2. I was responsible for some cool stuff like developing the interactive services for the then new O2 Arena in London, and it was a job I had worked hard to…

Meet the teams at the DotForge Accelator, Sheffield, UK

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The latest installment of my jaunt meeting start ups across Europe took me to the Steel City, Sheffield, last week. The brand new and shiny DotForge Accelerator has just opened and assembled their first cohort of six teams. I went up as part of the initial wave of mentoring sessions….

The Next Web Startup Rally #TNW2013

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Finally got a chance to write up the start up pitches I watched at The Next Web rally in Amsterdam last week. There were a lot of pitches! I didn’t get to see them all, but saw 17. Apologies to all those companies not included below, but this should give you…

Meet the 2013 teams in the Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam

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Just spent a cool three days in Amsterdam this week for The Next Web Conference. On day 1 we swung by the Rockstart Accelerator to meet Don & Rune, the teams and have dinner. The 2013 cohort is the second batch to come through Rockstart. Of the original group from…

Go and visit The Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol

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I’m on an ongoing mission to explore the UK tech scene outside of London. So far I have managed to visit Cambridge, Bath, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle and shortly will be up in Sheffield. Last week I added Bristol to the list. I had the pleasure of visiting The Pervasive Media…

Startup Wise Guys London Demo Day

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Yesterday the teams from Estonian accelerator Start Up Wise Guys held their demo day at Google Campus in the heart of London’s TechCity. Here are some brief notes on the teams I saw. Brickflow www.brickflow.com Allows you to save personal memories and media from multiple social networks in a nice…

Seven tell-tail signs you have wandered into an old school tech conference

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This week I was planning to summarize the insights I picked up from a two day conference in London, instead I found myself leaving at lunchtime on day 1 and writing this. I’ll try and keep it constructive rather than ranty. There are literally dozens of tech conferences on every…

Springboard Accelerator – 2013 Internet of Things Team Introductions

I spent Friday in Cambridge having introductory mentoring sessions with the new teams participating in the Springboard Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator program. In the first full week of the program the teams have spent the last couple of days meeting mentors to explore ideas, gain feedback and leverage mentor…

Twilio Fund Europe Arrives!

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I try not to pimp Twilio too much on my personal blog, but I think our news from yesterday qualifies for an exception. I joined Twilio last summer to drive our support of the European start up community and to spotlight the awesome European companies building on Twilio. Yesterdays announcement…