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Announcing the Land and Expand newsletter

On January 7, 2016, Posted by , In Frontpage Slideshow,News, By ,,, , With No Comments

Photo credit: Daniel Chapman New year, new projects. There is no question that I fell out of the blogging habit in 2015. One post in the entire year is a pretty poor showing. Sorry about that. Ideas have however been percolating in the background. One of the biggest challenges of…

Startup Disruption in Telco

On March 8, 2014, Posted by , In Frontpage Slideshow, By ,,, , With No Comments

Last July I wrote a post and deck called ‘The Effect of Software People on Telco’. It was pretty well received, getting some 4,200 views on Slideshare over the past 7 months. I needed to update it to reflect the constantly moving landscape and add new data, however I found…

My Dublin Web Summit Talk – Enabling and Celebrating The Doers

I gave a new talk on the Digital Marketing stage at Dublin Web Summit this week. It was called Enabling and Celebrating The Doers. It was only a 15 minute slot, but the theme was to take a quick peak at the developer community; its size, make up, and what…

TechCityInsider Interview [VIDEO]

On January 24, 2013, Posted by , In Frontpage Slideshow, By , , With No Comments

Video of an interview I did last week with TechCityInsider. Let me know what you think…sorry I couldn’t direct embed but permissions on the source file would not allow. UPDATE: Embed now works, here you go: