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Dial Alt-Fest

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I have been toying with idea of a phone powered jukebox for a while now. This week it occurred to me that if I built the app it could be semi-useful to the organisers of Alt-Fest, which I invested in via its Kickstarter campaign. Who knows, perhaps it will be no help at all, but I wanted to build it anyway, so I did!

The app itself is fairly simple. You call the Twilio powered number and are presented with two options. The first option plays a random song contained in the tracks directory on my server. These tracks are from the bands headlining Alt-Fest. There is some php in there that randomises which track is played every time you call to provide the shuffle feature, and there are 12 tracks in total.  Obviously if you really wanted to, you can stay on the phone and listen to them all.

The second option generates a text message to be sent to the caller with more info on the festival.

The code is in my Github, and you can take the app for a spin by calling 0203 322 6213 or visiting dialaltfest.com

Hope you enjoy the music. And buy tickets for Alt-Fest, its going to be epic!

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