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I’m Drunk Get Me Out Of Here!

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This app idea came from years of business travel, and the odd stag weekend!

I’ve lost count of how many times I visit a strange city and literally hop from airport > meeting > hotel > evening event > drinks > hotel.

I never have a chance to get climatised to my surroundings,  or get any bearings of where I am in relation to any local points of interest. You become totally reliant on showing cab drivers print outs, or haplessly tapping away on your phone to find an email with an address to show to the driver. Add into that chaos an unreliable mobile data signal and things quickly fall apart, especially if you have 3G roaming switched off due to ridiculous data roaming charges. Plus of course there is a clue is in the title; towards the end of the day, alcohol may also be an added hurdle to overcome 😉

The solution? Well how cool would it be if at the right time of night a text message magically popped into your phone’s inbox. Perfectly timed so its not lost or deleted by mistake. No searching emails, or trying to get apps to work with a flakey data connections.

I give you imdrunkgetmeoutofhere.com

Simply fill the form out with your hotel details and mobile number, and we take care of the rest. At 11pm GMT you will receive all your information in a convenient and reliable text message, designed to show to your cab driver with the minimum of fuss.

You’re welcome!

The app captures user input from the form and temporarily stores it in a database. A cron job then triggers Twilio to send an SMS with the users details at 23:00 GMT everyday and then deletes the database.

Big thanks to Ben Nunney who did all the clever stuff to get this idea into the wild.

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