My Dublin Web Summit Talk – Enabling and Celebrating The Doers

I gave a new talk on the Digital Marketing stage at Dublin Web Summit this week. It was called Enabling and Celebrating The Doers. It was only a 15 minute slot, but the theme was to take a quick peak at the developer community; its size, make up, and what…

Top 50 UK Brands

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via Nice infographic. Shell has 1.4 million Facebook fans!? WTF!!

Does my Klout score have any Kred? Some thoughts on online influence.

A ton has been written recently about the current craze around influence scoring. Klout in particular has been under the spotlight for attempting to summarise a person’s social influence down to a single number. Should we care about our scores? Well personally I’m torn, so here is my brain dump….

New TMIG Event Announced #marketing #technology #cim #yam

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I’m pleased to announce the next major gathering of the CIM Technology Marketing Interest Group has been confirmed for the 18th January 2012 in London.   Our inaugural event in January of this year was a huge success, attracting nearly 100 key people from the business of creating and marketing…

Think its information overload now? By 2015, the projection is 8 zettabytes! [INFOGRAPHIC] #web #social #marketing #yam

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Cool little video review of the P0wer0f1 website by UMS #p1event

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Facebook pulls daily deals service after four-month trial

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via Kudos to Facebook for taking a tough decision. Like Google with Wave and Video, a key to agile innovation is not just launching new stuff 24/7, but also knowing when to kill stuff. Story here:…

Now even Skype has an App Store #apps #skype #marketing

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Yes, just when you thought you had enough App Stores, this story in Read Write Web reports that Skype have launched one of their own. It offers a selection of 3rd party apps (23 at the moment) that integrate with Skype. Interestingly there is one app in there with a…

Apples & Oranges partner to offer free film rental #itunes #apple #orange

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  Got an interesting email from iTunes this morning. UK Mobile Operator, Orange, famous for its ‘Orange Wednesdays‘ cinema ticket promotion has announced a deal with iTunes to offer a free movie rental via iTunes every Thursday. Not sure why they couldn’t keep Wednesday for the day of the offer,…

Klout adds new features, PeerIndex is hiring & social media ROI #social #marketing

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The importance of social media continues to grow for business, so the subject of measuring the impact and return on investment for social media activity continues to rumble on. Personally I measure the performance of both our brand (BlueVia) and the individuals in my team. We achieve this by aggregating…