A new podcast interview and a post on the impact of mobile in retail.

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Firstly I can not believe it’s been a year since I last posted here. If there is anyone left following the blog, then I salute you. A combination of head down graft getting the Twilio machine humming in Europe, and frankly writers block, just got me out of the habit. Well…

TechCity Insider – Crossing The Pond

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I had the pleasure of recently participating in a podcast for TechCity Insider, hosted by Julian Blake. Take a listen here: The panel was made up of four startup execs who have made the leap to London on behalf of their US-based tech companies to share some of the lessons…

The BANGLine

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I’m not sure why I didn’t blog about winning my Twilio track jacket when it happened, back in June 2012. One of the coolest things that happens when you join Twilio is you have to build a Twilio powered app. It doesn’t matter if you are in a non technical…

My Dublin Web Summit Talk – Enabling and Celebrating The Doers

I gave a new talk on the Digital Marketing stage at Dublin Web Summit this week. It was called Enabling and Celebrating The Doers. It was only a 15 minute slot, but the theme was to take a quick peak at the developer community; its size, make up, and what…

Twilio Fund Europe Arrives!

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I try not to pimp Twilio too much on my personal blog, but I think our news from yesterday qualifies for an exception. I joined Twilio last summer to drive our support of the European start up community and to spotlight the awesome European companies building on Twilio. Yesterdays announcement…

TechCityInsider Interview [VIDEO]

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Video of an interview I did last week with TechCityInsider. Let me know what you think…sorry I couldn’t direct embed but permissions on the source file would not allow. UPDATE: Embed now works, here you go:

My talk from Mashery Business of APIs [VIDEO]

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A quick 15 min spin through of Communication APIs. BAPI London, James Parton, Twilio from Mashery on Vimeo. Slides here:

Popping my Twilio cherry at The Turing Festival [VIDEO]

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So here is the video of my first ever public Twilio talk / live code demo from the recent Turing Festival in Edinburgh. I would love any feedback on how to improve it. Doing a live coding demo on stage when I’m not *really* a coder is a pretty traumatic experience I…

Twilio’s European March Continues With Its First Full-Time Hire Outside The U.S. [And Telefonica Loses One] | TechCrunch

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TechCrunch coverage of my Twilio hire. Twilio, developer of a VoIP API that is used by companies like eBay, Airbnb and Hulu to add voice services into their consumer apps, has been adding support for European countries as part of its expansion strategy, first the UK and then Austria, Denmark,…

Goodbye Telefonica, Hello Twilio!

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I have some big personal news to share with you all. After what seems a lifetime, I’m leaving Telefonica [read more here] I’ve had just the best couple of years creating BlueVia, getting it to a point where people are telling us it’s the best Telco developer offer out there….