Are You Addicted to Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter – The Official Posterous Space

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Big news: Posterous has been acquired by Twitter! The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who share…

Weekly Wrap inc. #f8 #twitter #google #uncrunched #yam

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This post is a wrap of this weeks stories in tech, social and mobile that caught my eye…   Facebook F8 The biggest event was of course the annual F8 Facebook conference. New timeline profile view, and deeper interaction via new verb buttons were the highlight announcements. You can read…

@Twitter Integrates with @BlueVia APIs – my brief thoughts #yam

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So yesterday felt like a coming of age moment.   As some of you will know, my day job is running marketing for BlueVia, the developer program from Telefonica. Its a job filled with immense highs and some lows. Convincing developers that a Telco is a credible partner is not…

Bigging up Latin American Twitter Dev Talent #twitter #yam

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via Loving this article from The Next Web, which highlights 8 of the best Twitter based services coming from Latin American developers. The first just happens to be powered by BlueVia 🙂 You can check out our case study of here: Case Study View more documents from…

2010 through the eyes of the digital giants

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All the big online sites are releasing their wrap up’s of 2010 ahead of the new year. Here is a selection of the best… Facebook publishes it 2010 Memology: Top Status Trends of the Year Twitter provides a comprehensive run down in it’s “Twitter 2010: The year in review” covering…

I’m going daily, thanks to

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I Beg Your Parton is going daily! Don’t worry I’m not attempting to become the next Rupert Murdoch…This post on GigaOm led me to a startup called who offer a pretty cool service that auto creates a daily newspaper style site made up of content from any Twitter username,…

20 people in mobile to follow on Twitter

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So I’ve returned from my summer writing hiatus, and the first thing I wanted to talk about was this blog post on aumnia. Dustin Luther (@tyr) has created analgorithm that determines the “most influential” people in a particular subject area on Twitter. You seed the algorithm with 10 Twitter usernames who are in…

Bedford Tweetup

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After spontaneously connecting with local Twitter peeps @ericswain and @efficiencycoach, we have all decided to organise a Tweetup for Bedford and the surrounding area. It’s set for 18:00 on the 3rd August 2010 at the Embankment Hotel. The Eventbrite page to sign up can be found here: I look forward to meeting…

Reflecting on my first 2 years of using Twitter

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At the risk of looking grossly self indulgent, I’ve felt compelled to write about my experience with Twitter for some time. Many writers have described, far more eloquently than I ever could, the social and business impacts of Twitter & social media, so let me state up front that this…